Top 5 Reasons to go Wireless Now! -- Guest Blogger, Terie Sim

We have collected and curated interesting data from various online articles, research and videos to give you the top 5 reasons we think women should go wire-free this year..

We would like to start with the obvious so here we go..

1) Wireless Bras Are More Comfortable

Without the stiffness of the underwire, wireless bras are more comfortable than the wired bra. It is a fantastic option for every woman’s everyday wear as it gives you the essential practical comfort you need for everyday activities such as working in the office, picking up your kids or running errands. Even women who are well endowed can find great comfort and support with wireless bras if you shop for the right one!

2) Wireless Bras Ensure Proper Lymph Drainage

According to breast health expert Cheri-lynn Burk, underwire bras impede the movement of breast tissue and cause the lymph tissue to gather toxins. If you are interested to research more into this, you will notice that there are a couple of studies and articles online telling you how wired bras impedes proper drainage. Proper lymph drainage is essential to healthy breasts because with proper lymph drainage, our body can get rid of toxins that can help prevent the growth of cancer. Wired bras restrict the natural flow of drainage by preventing drainage between lymph fluid from the lymph nodes.

3) Wireless Bras May Prevent Sagging

A French study of 330 women suggests that women should stop wearing wired bras. The 15-year-old long study proved that women who went braless had 7 millimeter lift each year compared to women who wore wired bras. Their breast was also firmer and their stretch marks faded. Amazing? Yes!

4) Wireless Bras Are Pretty

There is a wide range of beautiful assortment of beautiful wireless bras readily available for women to choose from! Many of which are made from lace, linen and even sustainable materials such as organic cotton and bamboo. Women from all walks of life can now purchase wireless bras from online and offline. These available wireless bras cater to most sizes ranging from A to F cups. You just have to find the right one that suits you.

5) Wireless Bras Are Generally Less Expensive

Off with the wire and you’ll be spending a lot less on your womanly essentials every year! Bra manufacturers and designers will tell you that structuring a bra is hard but with the wire gone, it is a lot easier to craft a beautiful wireless bra while keeping quality and style.

So what are you waiting for?

Burn baby, burn!


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