An open letter to men about strong women -- Guest Blogger, Taunya Strahan

Strong women are truly underappreciated. Everyone relies on us, and rarely are we shown the gratitude that we deserve. We develop into these beautiful, mystic creatures due to, rather that in spite of, our life experiences. We are passionate, outspoken and at times difficult to be around. We search for truth and understanding in all things. We are fixers of friendships, relationships and wrong-doings.

We are demanding: demanding that everyone is treated fairly, everyone feels loved, everyone is accepted, that wrong-doings be made right. We worry incessantly about things, some we can fix and some will never be fixed, but we worry none-the-less. We are outspoken, speaking what we deem to be the truth, regardless of the outcome. If it makes it right, fixes it, heals someone’s soul, then we stand strong, speak out. We are nurturers. It’s as if the lost find us and we love them, guide them, fix them. It is exhausting to be a strong woman: necessary but exhausting.

Strong women don’t necessarily believe that what makes our men happy makes us happy. We speak our minds without trying to offend our men, but we demand to be heard by them, believing that if they love us they will hear and appreciate our voices. If a man takes the time to truly listen to a strong woman he will hear her song, come to love her tune and eventually join in the dance that is her life. A strong woman is indeed a gift to any man that dares to join her dance. We will love you fiercely. We will make you a better man.

Strong women raise strong daughters and sons. Our intent is that our daughters become the next generation of passionate seekers of truth, fixers, and nurturers; strong enough to find and dance to their own tune. We raise our sons to be strong men, strong enough to love a strong woman, strong enough to let her dance to her own tune and even perhaps join the dance, to love her fiercely, to appreciate her.

So, men, when you come upon a strong woman, one with a voice, one that is passionate and outspoken who is in search of the truth in all things, a fixer, a demander of love and righting wrong-doings, a nurturer, hold her. Watch her in amazement. Listen for her song, learn to love her tune and by all means, dare to join her in her dance. Remember, it is exhausting to be a strong woman, necessary but exhausting. Imagine your world without us.


Taunya is a retired Middle School teacher, mother of three strong children and grandmother of two upcoming strong grandbabies! She spends her time advocating for children with special needs to make certain they are each given the opportunity to become strong, productive individuals. She loves reading, walking the woods and playing in the creek. She is blessed to have a man who has dared to join her in her dance! She is a STRONG WOMAN!

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  • Taunya you have greatly and positively influenced me in my adolescent years! Your gift of teaching and guidance has molded me into the person that I am today! I thank God that He brought you into my life everyday. Without your guidance and encouragement to be the strong woman I am today without a doubt set me into a different path in life. Thank you, Taunya!

    Meghan Cheyunski

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