Invisible -- Guest Writer, Autumn Chittum-Vestal

Written By Willow Layne Lingerie - August 13 2018


Taunya Strahan
August 19 2018

Autumn – bless you for sharing your journey. May you continue to heal and learn to love yourself.

Jessica Blalack
August 19 2018

Thank you for sharing your story. I know how hard it must be recalling those memories but how therapeutic releasing them must be. I trust these words will be read by those who need them, myself included. I’m proud of you for continuously overcoming and growing. You’re an inspiration ❤️

Marcy Harris-Ortiz, editor
August 13 2018

Thank you, Autumn, for sharing so candidly about your extremely personal, raw, and vulnerable experiences. It is in sharing stories like these that remind us all of our interconnectedness. Sending you so much love.

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