Letter from the Editor - July 2018 Edition

Hey babe!

We are officially 6 whole months into 2018 and I cannot even believe it. Summer has shown her big beautiful face here in the Midwest and camping trips and pool days abound. After spending three straight weeks with my four kiddos, I am almost ready for the school year to begin, but that would be doing an injustice to teachers everywhere so I'll keep on keeping on for each and every one of them.

One of my current obsessions is podcasts-- who else has fallen down that rabbit hole? 🙋 

I am a huge fan of Jonathan Van Ness' Getting Curious podcast, where he speaks with a variety of experts on subjects as diverse as Bee Anthropology to Modeling in Today's Fashion Industry, Renaissance Art to interviewing his fellow Queer Eye cast members. Every episode is filled with so much fun and encourages following your curiosity, which is never a bad thing.

I'm also in love with Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti. If you aren't familiar with this babe, she is a yoga instructor and body love advocate who shares so openly about her journey in both this podcast and her Instagram. If you're looking for  guidance toward self and body acceptance, this is your podcast.

I can't talk podcasts without sharing the one that started my whole obsession-- Oprah's SuperSoul Converstions. She speaks very candidly with a variety of folks about their spiritual practices. An episode that sticks in my mind still so vividly is The Power of Visualization with Amy Purdy, a young woman who had both her legs amputated during a battle with bacterial meningitis. Her achievements after the struggle are impressive, but what has stuck with me the most is her recollection of the day she was hospitalized from the infection.

I also recently listened to the episode with Glennon Doyle about The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life, which prompted me to start being a little more honest with myself and others about what's going on inside my head. I hope it helps you to be a little more real when it comes to embracing the mess that is life.

In addition to holding down the blog fort here, photographing gorgeous babes for The Coterie, and curating experiences to help empower and connect women, I am now co-hosting a podcast with one of my BFFs called Her Mind Matters. Our first episode drops today-- My girl Molly gets really personal about her marriage and what led to her divorce. 

I am so moved by stories. I think that's why I'm drawn to memoirs and podcasts. Everyone has one. Everyone has their own unique life experience and perspective. Maybe yours is a little scary to you. Maybe you've pushed it down really deep in hopes it doesn't bubble up. But I will tell you from experience, when you start sharing your story it isn't so scary. It allows yourself and others to not feel so alone. So different. We all come from the same place and that's love. So share your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable so that you have the opportunity to feel more connected. That's what life is all about.

If you're looking for a way to share your story and you feel so called, reach out. We are always looking for reader submissions.

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Happy Summer!



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