Lingerie as Confidence

PSA: National Lingerie Day is April 24th!

What comes to mind when you hear the word, LINGERIE? Well, sexy time, for me! But, what I used to think of were the words tight, uncomfortable, and exposed. While I was growing up and maturing, I had this notion that only people with the “perfect body” were allowed to wear it and it was only meant for the bedroom. But, like good wine, with age, we all grow and change (thank goodness!). My relationship with lingerie went from being timid and shy to letting it empower me in all aspects of my life.

We all start somewhere and I want to take you back to the beginning for some firsts. I remember it like it was yesterday when I got my first bra. It was black, went straight across my chest with thin white spaghetti straps and a jersey number on it with some flowers. I used to peak into my shirt to look at it when I was I the bathroom because I was so excited! My fist grown up panties (aka the thong) was much needed. I started playing volleyball during elementary school and felt it was time for one. (did someone say spandex?) So the first chance I got at the mall, I gave my mom the eye and head nod that I wanted one. I was way too embarrassed to even say the words out loud. It was white with blue polka dots and I am sure some classmates remember it too because one day it accidentally made its debut at lunchtime. 

I remember these two undergarments so clearly because they changed how I felt about myself. In my mind it was another step closer to being like the women I idolized on TV. America’s Next Top Model was a favorite back then and it took me a while to realize that not every woman looks like the women on the show.

With this came some attempts to make my chest look bigger than it was. I totally stuffed my bra once, which did not end well, and sometimes I wore those padded Victoria’s Secret bras, you all know which ones I’m talking about, and then wore a sports bra over it! To be clear, I am like a small B even though Victoria’s Secret thinks I am a C – that’s a rant for another time.


Anyhow... through all of my experiments with bras and getting the max amount of cleavage possible I got to a point where I realized that no matter if my boobs literally hit my face, that wasn’t making me happy nor was that the kind of attention I wanted.

National Lingerie Day is a reminder that lingerie is here to improve our self-confidence. This is not something that only certain people can wear; it is for every one of all sizes! Obviously easier said than done, but let’s bring back that feeling of excitement and confidence we all felt trying on our first bra!

YES I AM wearing a sexy black lace bra underneath this shirt and I am going to rule the world!  #channelingbeyonce

Strut your stuff and shake your girls today and everyday because you are beautiful and confidence is the real lingerie!







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