Welcome to Mentionables.

The word unmentionables is defined as either: “a person or thing that is too shocking or embarrassing to be mentioned by name” ...or just “underwear.” 

Well, we got some news for ya. 

We’re about to mention a lot of that supposedly “shocking” and “embarrassing” stuff a whole dang lot... hence the term MENTIONABLES. Stuff that we believe needs to be talked about more openly and with less stigma attached. Just like the word unmentionables hints at the notion of shame being attached to lingerie/underwear (aka something you don’t talk about in public), there’s a whole bunch of other topics we’re going to be candidly discussing that also have shame as a frequent cultural side effect. Mental illness shaming, LGBTQIA shaming, body shaming, lingerie-wearing shaming, sex shaming, period shaming, etc. With the help of our amazing guest writers (get ready, we have a stellar line up!!), we’re going to turn Mentionables into a space where we celebrate mental health positivity, LGBTQIA positivity, body positivity, lingerie positivity, sex positivity, and period positivity. We’ll also be giving self care tips on how to live your most vibrant, badass life as well as featuring posts that talk about sustainable fashion, the ethics of business and fashion, and women in business! And some fashion posts to help you get some ideas on how you can style our bralettes!  

Our dream is to build a community of individuals that will be fearless in the pursuit of ethical living and standing up for the rights of all bodies. 

Another amazing thing is that absolutely all of our guest writers are 100% volunteers. They have the biggest hearts, from CEOs to bloggers to people who are just really passionate about these issues... these guys are the real deal. This blog is not a business move for Willow Layne, and it’s not generating any “profit” in the money sense of the word. But if it helps educate, empower, and encourage people? If it talks about all the “unmentionable" topics that society tends to avoid because they’re a bit too sensitive to talk about in public? If it takes the societal shame of having a normal, human body and replaces that shame with positivity, acceptance, and joy? Then yeah, that’s some pretty great profit right there 👌🏼✨

Our first post will be up on Sunday 🎉 Can’t wait for y’all to see it!


Abigail Slone

Founder of Willow Layne Lingerie

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  • I am too excited for this space to grow!

    Marcy Harris-Ortiz

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