Our Mission

Hey gorgeous! My name is Abigail Slone and I am the founder of Willow Layne Lingerie. Willow Layne was born in August 2017 when I finally decided to turn my idea of an ethically conscious lingerie boutique into a reality. As much as I loved purchasing pretty lingerie and browsing through mainstream lingerie stores, I was tired of the constant stream of objectifying and degrading messages that were being sent through the various forms of promotional media. Even the whole concept of not buying lingerie unless you have a partner seemed a bit archaic to me. As a 21st century human, I believe that you should be able to buy lingerie that is designed and marketed with your pleasure and comfort in mind as the top priority.

Here at Willow Layne Lingerie, we believe that every body is beautiful and every woman deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy in her own skin. It is our mission to provide lingerie that is designed with women’s pleasure and comfort as the top priority.  We are greatly disheartened at the objectification and overt-sexualization of women’s bodies that major lingerie brands employ as a major marketing strategy to sell their products. At Willow Layne, we believe that no matter what size you are, you deserve to have beautiful, sexy lingerie available to you that is marketed in an ethical, non-objectifying way. While every product we carry may not be available in every size, we make it our top priority to make sure that we stock a wide range of products that will cover almost every size. Also, as always, we are committed to making sure that every product we offer is 100% vegan-friendly, because we love our furry friends and don’t believe that they should be used for our consumption.

One of our other foundational beliefs here at Willow Layne Lingerie is that you do not need to have a partner in order to validate buying lingerie. The moment that I realized how widespread this notion was was when I was watching the “Women’s Appreciation Day” episode from The Office. In the episode, Michael takes all the ladies to shop at a popular lingerie store at the mall and tells them that they can all pick something out and he’ll pay for it. Most of them start browsing, but Pam hesitates and picks up a bathrobe and says “I’m kind of in-between boyfriends, so I don’t need anything sexy. Maybe I can cut up this robe into bath towels or something.” It really made me think: do women in our society feel that they need to have a partner in order to validate buying something sexy for themselves? If so, I really hope those thoughts stop now.  

Because guess what ladies? YOU are beautiful and you shouldn’t have to have a partner to “allow” yourself to buy something sexy. You should be able to buy it for yourself because you deserve to feel like the sexy, confident, and empowered woman you are. Because you are more than worth it.  



Yes All Bodies.

Photo by Jack Hufford. Models (left to right): April McCoy, Abigail Slone, Caylee Owen, Aalliyah Wisner, Yerubi Ferrer, and Krystell Hernandez. MUA: Taylor Hinnant.